Monday, September 22, 2008

September 2

I am behind in getting pictures posted to the blog. I let go of my computer when I moved in with my husband, Craig, and I have not quite gotten everything hooked up at home yet. You are therefore going to see some pictures from the past being brought to the future...

September 2 was an extraordinary day. My friend and parishioner, Mabel, turned 100 on this day. Mabel was the chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee when I was first appointed as the pastor of Mount Vernon Place. She has been a member of this church since 1940 and she is an eternal optimist. I love visiting Mabel because without fail, Mabel will tell me how blessed I am to be serving in this place. Without fail, Mabel will tell me how much great ministry there is to be done in the heart of Washington. She tells me how she would give anything to be in my shoes. And, she tells me that I am capable of doing anything. She often has more confidence in me than I have in myself. She never complains. She is a jewel. What a joy it is to see her reach her 100th birthday.

I'd give anything if she was turning 70 or 80 instead. I'd love to have her around for a few more decades so that we could make an impact on this city together. Yet, I am convinced that Mabel's words will impact me throughout the rest of my life. I am convinced that through Mabel, an impact has already been made. She is amazing.

On the same day, my best friend, Jenni, gave birth to her first child. Alexa was born on Tuesday night, September 2. And while I did not get to meet her until the following day, I was amazed at God's hand so clearly evident in both Mabel's life and Alexa's life. One of them is 100 and the other is brand new to this world. One of them has seen the world change in big ways and the other has the entire world in front of her. One of them has a body that is aging and the other has a brand new body. Both of them are extraordinary children of God - created in God's image - reflecting God's love and grace in very unique and beautiful ways.

Praise God for life - for all of life!

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