Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

I remember exactly where I was seven  years ago.  It was my first year as Director of Admissions, and I was sitting in a student services meeting at Duke Divinity School.  The dean walked in, shared how a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers, and asked us what to do.  We proceeded with canceling different things, unsure of exactly what was happening.  I continued to plan a recruiting trip to Florida and made final arrangements for the welcoming of prospective students the next day.  I remember.  I remember well.

I also remember Kim, a prospective student who arrived two years after 9/11.  Kim lost her husband in the Twin Towers.  She had a toddler at home and was pregnant with their second son. She had been hit by a tragic loss, and yet God was somehow using this loss to call her - calling her to ministry.  I remember Kim on this day, along with her children.  My heart still aches for them.

I also remember my friend David who lost his best friend.  David's friend was on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.  David has not been the same since.  I remember David on this day. My heart still aches for him.

It took me longer to get to work today than it has taken since I moved to Northern Virginia. My drive past the Pentagon started and stopped, started and stopped.  The traffic was horrendous.  I wanted to complain as I waited for the traffic to move again.  But, I instead thought of how long Kim waited for a sign of her husband - for confirmation that her husband had died - and how she had to wait months until a police officer arrived at her door one day with a small bone that had been identified as that of her husband's.

I wanted the traffic to move - but God instead called me to prayer.  And then, I watched as the sun broke through the clouds.  

My heart aches with all who were touched by this tragic day, and perhaps all of us in this nation have been touched by it - but I could not help but to see once more how the light shines - the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never overcome the light.

I remember.  I remember you in my prayers.  I remember you on this day.  And, I remember God's faithfulness of how we will, indeed, all be reunited again one day.

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