Monday, May 15, 2017

The Sight and Sound of Gratitude

I have a new favorite thing. I love pushing the new "thankful" button on Facebook or opening a post to which someone has reacted with "thankful." I used the button so many times over the weeekend while responding to a friend's new family portraits that I even apologized for causing so much noise in her life!

And while my husband is a bit annoyed at the new sound filling our home on a regular basis, I smile every time I hear the noise and see the flowers dancing across my screen. The sight and sound literally fills me with joy!

And I wonder. Does gratitude always offer the gift of joy?

We are midway through a series on vocation, call and work, one of my favorite topics to wrestle with. Yesterday we talked about work's challenges, using Moses as our guide. Can you imagine how many times Moses must have been tempted to toss his hands in the air and walk away? He is simply trying to be faithful to God's call on his life but is constantly surrounded by people who quarrel, grumble and bicker. The Israelites are being led from bondage to freedom. They receive one miracle after another whether it is bread from heaven or a walk on dry ground. But all they can see is what's missing - what they don't have. Meanwhile Moses remains faithful as he cries out to God, uses the tools God has given to him, and continues on the journey.

But how many of us walk through life like the Israelites? How many of us wake up thinking about what we want instead of what we have in our midst, under our noses, in our possession? We may have an abundance but can only see what's missing, reducing our lens to the myth of scarcity.

On the contrary, what if living a life of gratitude literally adds joy to our days like the purple flowers dancing across our iPhones? What if seeking to always first behold what we have and giving thanks for these things before ever pondering what we want but don't yet have is the key, the secret, to a more abundant life?

I'm looking for more purple flowers in my life. I want to be thankful at all times and in all seasons.

What about you?

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