Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful

Thankful. Heart overflowing. Gratitude. Thanksgiving.

I have so much for which to give thanks:

A partner in life who makes me laugh often and who regularly asks why we are in such a big hurry. Craig provides balance like nothing else in my life.

A call upon my life for which I am not worthy and the privilege of responding to this call by serving God as the pastor of a remarkable congregation.

A family that is only a phone call away and the joy of knowing that no matter what there will always be a family member willing to listen and to again say three words that mean the world to me, "I love you."

A place to call home and the blessing of having this home right outside of Washington. There is no other city I would rather call home at this point in my life. Seeing the skyline of Washington still has the capacity to take my breath away. It is a humbling privilege to serve in a place that offers so many contrasts and so much diversity.

A community of friends who have known me through thick and thin and who continue to journey with me through different stages and challenges of life.

The gift of being part of Mount Vernon Place. From presiding at the memorial service last week of one who spent his life serving our church to talking on the phone with our oldest member yesterday who sang to me at 103-years-old, I realize often what a gift it is to be a pastor. But it is a special gift to be the pastor of a place that is constantly seeking to discern what we are called to become. I'm grateful to be part of this place that is committed to making room for all people, this place that is constantly seeking to discern what it means to be faithful in our context, and this place that is willing to take courageous risks to see what God can do. At the same time, I praise God that my learning curve is as steep as ever and that each day provides a new opportunity for an experience of God and a challenge to go deeper.

I am thankful.

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