Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love this Church!

We are working on a job description for a "Director of Music and the Arts" at Mount Vernon Place. As part of the process, I wrote a description of who we are for the opening of the job description that interested candidates can read. I love this church, and I love what this statement says about us. Here it is for you to enjoy and perhaps even be compelled to come journey with us:

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, located in the heart of downtown Washington, directly across the street from the Washington Convention Center, is seeking a creative, motivated, faithful individual to lead our ministries in music and the arts. We are a growing congregation that has doubled in size in the last four years. Our worshipping community is old and young, black and white, gay and straight, people filled with faith and people struggling to believe, people in ties and suits and people in jeans and shorts, housed and unhoused, Democrat and Republican, lifelong church members and individuals coming to church for the first time, people who love to sing hymns with the organ and people yearning to clap their hands to the beat sounded from a drummer’s stick – we are a beautiful assortment of God’s creation! Our 1917, historic building has just undergone a complete restoration from top to bottom, and we are waiting for the completion of additional new space in a Class A, LEED Certified Gold building to be finished in mid-fall in which the church will own and occupy 22,000 square feet. The possibilities for ministry and growth in this community are endless, and we are excited to see where God will take us in the future!

I love this church!

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Jerry Roberson said...

I love that description of our congregation!