Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Day

It's my wedding day.  In about eight hours, I'll be Mrs. Donna Sokol.  (I suppose that this reason is the reason why I have not written on my blog for a very long time.  I'll be back on schedule soon!)

It has been a time of celebration.  It seemed as though everywhere I turned yesterday, I was gazing upon another person who means the world to me.  Father Joe, one of the clergy assisting with our wedding, said it best when he said, "This time is the only time the two of you will have all of the people who love you the most all in the same room."  We have been so blessed to see many of these faces arriving in Durham for the weekend - college friends and church friends, relatives and parents' friends, neighbors and dearly beloved people in our lives.  

I have been reminded often in the last few days of how it takes a village to not only raise a child but to also enable a marriage to last a lifetime.  One of the cards we received this week said it best when a friend took time to say, "We will not only be with you this weekend to witness your wedding, but we will also be here as a resource for you anytime you need it."  I know this woman well enough to know that her marriage is one worth imitating - that her marriage is one filled with life and joy.  They have already taught me much about what it means to seize life and enjoy life -- together.

But what if we all had this approach, particularly in the church?  What if we all said, "I am not just going to be part of your wedding day, I am going to be part of your life.  I am going to walk alongside of you.  I am going to mentor you as a couple.  I am going to be there in the good times and in the bad."  Can you imagine what might happen?  I can.

I am going to make vows to Craig today.  I can hardly wait to tell him today how I will be with him always.  I am so thankful for Craig.  He is a big gift from God who is filled with so many wondrous surprises and points of joy.

I am also thankful for the witness of the church, our friends, and our family - a gathered group of very special people who will be in the church with us today and for all of the people who will be lifting their hearts up in prayer in different places around the world - as we take our vows at 3:00.  

We welcome your wisdom.  We welcome your prayers.  We invite you to walk alongside of us - in this precious gift from God called marriage.

Thanks be to God.  It's going to be a great day!  

Whoo hooo!  It's my wedding day!


Rev. J said...

Congrats...blessings upon you two as you start your lives together.

Musings said...

Congratulations Donna and Craig! Welcome to marriage! It is a wonderful journey of all sorts of ups and downs, but an all the better journey to know that you have a supportive community around you through it all. I hope your wedding was all you hoped it would be!

Two Crabs said...

Congratulations ya'll and best wishes in your new life together. We had a great time at your wedding. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your big day.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations! Many blessings to you in your family and church life! I saw at annual conference that you have transferred. We will miss you in the WNCC!