Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Pain of Suicide

A clergy colleague of mine pointed out a very raw, heartfelt, honest entry posted on her friend's blog. I found Dixon Kinser's words on his brother's suicide helpful, healing and heart-breaking. As we continue the process of healing from Tracy's death, this blog may be helpful to you. The entry is titled, "Back on the Horse."

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Anonymous said...

hello, my name is Stephanie Maurice, I'm Tracy's oldest neice.. I just wanted to say thank you sincerely for everything that you have done for tracy and all of your kind words.. I know for a fact she shared a bond with you and loved you not only as her pastor but as her friend as well.. Tracy will forever be missed, and she will always be in everyones prayers. The comment that tracy's friend wrote was also beautiful as well and thank you.. Tracy was a kind loving person who would make a blind person see, she could lift up your spirit and just make you feel better about a lot of things no matter what was wrong with you. She always put her family and friends before herself and unfortunatly she's gone today. There will never ever be anyone that can take my aunt tra's place or fill her spot in my heart.. We will all miss her and I know I will especially .. We shared a lot of fun times together and a lot of memeories together like the late night talks we would have when I came down to visit with her.. I love you aunt tracy and I will always love you and Miss you.. On October 7, 2007 there will be 2 walks for suicide prevention, one in philadelphia and one in westchester new yorkat 9 am.. her family and friends are with Team Tracy and if anyone from down there in D.C would like to take part in this you can e-mail me at tuffy85@hotmail.com for more information.. But once again thank you for eveyrthing that you have done recently and for my aunt as well, I will forever keep you in my prayers..
Stephanie Ann Maurice I love you Aunt Tra