Thursday, March 29, 2007

One of Those Weeks

It's been one of those weeks - one of those weeks when you experience the presence of God in real, abundant, vital, life-giving ways. What a joy to experience the following blessings:

1) The phone call of a former parishioner in North Carolina who called to simply say, "We are thinking of you and want to see if you need anything."

2) The visit from one of my current parishioners who made me his version of crab cakes - from canned chicken that his mother received from the government - chicken that would have otherwise not been used. He was so pleased to share his creation with his pastor, complete with garlic sauce in a jar where I could see at least 12 cloves of garlic!

3) The greeting by one of our homeless neighbors on Tuesday morning -- a greeting that began with, "What a glorious morning, Donna" -- from a person who had awakened on the lawn of the church with birds chirping nearby. Oh how many things I take for granted!

4) The email from one of our new members. It was sent to many of her friends and co-workers, inviting them to worship at our church on Palm Sunday and Easter. She mentioned over and over again how much she LOVES her church. What a blessing to have new members like this one!

5) The arrival of my mother and niece from Colorado on Tuesday night.

6) The phone call from my former professor and hero who lives in South Africa but is in the states for two weeks.

7) A visit to the White House where we were greeted and escorted to the door by my mother's Congresswoman -- what incredible constituent service!

8) Glorious -- near perfect -- weather in Washington.

9) The arrival of spring with fresh flowers pushing through the ground all around us.

10) A trip to New York City -- our train departs in one hour!

God is so good. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

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