Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's in the box?

Mount Vernon Place UMC is in the midst of a massive clean up and clean out project in preparation for our upcoming renovation and redevelopment. We had our second yard sale on Saturday morning, and it was a joy to see so many people who needed the things we had to offer take them away to new homes and new uses.

We have found so many different things as we have been cleaning out the building -- an old kiln for firing pottery, a complete woodworking studio, and last week we found a box.

I was reading the history of the church in preparation for Sunday's sermon when I found a note about how a box of memories and materials was inserted into the wall of the 1958 addition, behind the dedication plaque just before the building was dedicated. I called my co-worker immediately and told her we had to get the box out of the wall!

We got the box out on Saturday. It is not a very big box - about 8 inches tall and a foot long. It is still melted shut so we do not know what's inside yet. What we do know is that it holds dreams, visions, memories and a rich history. It holds what the members of Mount Vernon Place thought was important in 1958.

I can only imagine what's inside the box. The box was put together when nearly 4,000 people called Mount Vernon Place their church home. It was put together when a large, educational wing was being added -- a building that would tell the stories of our faith to thousands of people each week. It was put together when the church seemed to have everything it needed.

We are going to open the box on this Sunday morning. We'll peer inside and take out the contents. We'll then start thinking about what would be in our box for 2006. What would you put in the box?

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